The YOTA kitchen is designed with the needs of individual users in mind, and every detail is designed to lead the way for your emotions. Thanks to its stylish doors with a thickness of 22 mm, the kitchen becomes the main element in a house or a flat, and it is enhanced by a wide range of materials, including hand-made wood veneers, glossy and matte lacquered surfaces, and special lacquer finishes.


In the YPSILON kitchen there are basic shapes, clean geometry, and architectural elements that are integrated into the living area. This choice has an ideal design with a focus on practicality and a contemporary style that can help you enjoy family life. There are functional solutions to achieve complete freedom of composition, where the elaborate design closely follows the aesthetics of new ways of living in the kitchen space today and in the future.


The T16 kitchen is a kitchen that interprets modernity and combines the elegance of innovative materials with the technology of cabinet doors with aluminum frames. The resulting spaces are functional, beautiful, and enhanced by elegant glass reflections and a rich texture of materials such as laminate. This feature is also available for worktops.

The T16 kitchen cabinet doors are one of a kind and combine different materials into one element, offering a choice of stylish front parts of the doors, including tempered glass with a glossy and matte finish in six different colors. There is the option of earthenware decor in six other material variants.


The OMICRON kitchen is an innovative kitchen with modern combinations of straight lines, new materials, and imaginative layouts. These harmonious solutions point to the details that are reflected in the 22 mm thick cabinet doors with a 33° cut profile, and they are always designed with functional and practical aspects in mind. In the case of OMICRON cuisine, this is a choice that keeps up with today’s fast pace of life and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of any lifestyle.


In the case of RHO kitchen, it is the use of innovative materials that allow the creation of new and ever-changing designs and concepts, thus creating the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

The solid-wood 22 mm thick cabinet door is the theme of this harmonious kitchen, whose strong and compact units contain functional elements, clear spaces, and accessories in them.


The basic lines of the TAU kitchen create elegant surfaces in a harmonious fusion of style, prestige, and functionality, thus creating a perfect balance between the most modern materials and high-quality Italian craftsmanship. Laminate cabinet doors offer the highest durability, and at the same time, create a unique atmosphere thanks to countless surface finishes, from glossy and matte to spot-on reproductions of stone and wood. These solutions lend the kitchen elegance and prestige with a design that suits the modern interior.


The bold and striking character of the KAPPA kitchen creates modern and refined cooking and entertainment areas that reflect the need for an ever-widening range of solutions to suit a modern lifestyle. The range of shaping options available in this carefully chosen selection of finishes can be enriched by modular systems, functional solutions, and spacious storage units to achieve complete harmony between the spaces and the atmosphere of the kitchen.

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Kuchynské linky KAPPA-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky T16-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky KAPPA-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky KAPPA-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky KAPPA-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky T16-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky KAPPA-Composition Ekoma
Kuchynské linky KAPPA-Composition Ekoma

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