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Luxury means something different to everyone. At present, it means the timelessness, functionality, and durability of materials.

We can also meet the special requirements of our clients when furnishing interiors. Rare natural leather, stone, special technologies, luxurious quality outdoor furniture that can withstand heat, chlorine, winter, and water and still be beautiful and comfortable… we would show you more, but we strictly respect the privacy of our clients. Just as we will respect your privacy if you decide that no one can see your interior.

Regarding the environment, furniture that respects the environment is also a luxury.
“Living in a sustainable and ecological space is a new kind of luxury.”
Our select suppliers for our interiors are not just chosen by chance. We are not looking for a fleeting moment of flirtation, but a long-term, binding relationship in which both give their maximum.

The introduction contained a quote by Maurizio Riva. He summed up the value settings of the family company RIVA1920 in one short sentence, and those words are personified in every piece they produce. That’s why we fell in love with her Italian specialties, and we look forward to every interior we design with them.

Luxury is natural materials such as solid wood cedar, walnut, and more than thousand-year-old kauri wood.



A table with a solid wood top consisting of two individual aligned tops with a gap in the middle and natural edges. Available on request with asymmetrical boards with a 30 cm deflection (Bedrock Plank B). The base is made of iron plates and is characterized by geometric lines.



A multifunctional storage unit made of blockboard and solid wood with double-wing doors that can be opened up to 180°. Designed to store wine, inside there are grids and compartments for bottles and glasses with the possibility of inserting small electrical appliances (Jumbo version). The internal structure of the doors allows for the storage of cups and accessories. The interior is illuminated by LED strips along the inside, which are activated automatically by sensors when the door is opened.

STANDARD LAYOUT: See the technical drawings
The SMALLER DOORS ON THE LEFT AND LARGE DOORS ON THE RIGHT can be replaced free of charge.
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: See the introduction

FOR THE JUMBO VERSION (with the possibility of inserting small electrical appliances such as a refrigerator, a microwave, a wine cellar): the maximum size for built-in appliances is W.56 D.55 H.45 cm, while the space can be adapted. It is necessary to supply the technical sheets of the selected appliances for our approval.

“The new luxury is living in a sustainable and ecological space.” Maurizio Riva

Time and respect for nature are the challenges we have always faced when producing our furniture.

PHILOSOPHY: “We produce honestly with future generations in mind. We make solid wood furniture that is able to stand the test of time with full respect for the environment.” This is the idea that guides and motivates the day-to-day operations of Riva 1920.

VISION: We envision a planet where creativity, design, and innovation can change society for the better in order to preserve an untouched environment for future generations. We have a strong commitment to improving the quality of living spaces through the strength of craftsmanship, technology, and value made in Italy.

MISSION: We design, sew, and manufacture products that improve spaces, connect people, and do not harm the environment. Furniture made exclusively in Italy with a lifespan that is crucial for sustainable development. We are proud to be able to preserve craftsmanship in the age of technology with timeless creations that are not subject to short-term trends.


It all started in 1920 in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza in a small family craft workshop that was founded by Nino Romano. She specialized in the production of classic solid wood furniture. In the mid-1940s, Mario Riva joined the laboratory, and he continued his mother-in-law’s work. The brothers Maurizio and David Riva followed in the footsteps of their father and grandfather, and in the late 1970s, they began working as carpenters in a shop under their house making custom furniture. The craft process of improving natural wood begins with the use of natural waxes and oils, which is a characteristic feature of Riva 1920. In 1987, the first production unit was put into operation, and their sister Anna joined the company. In 1992, Riva 1920 presented its furniture collection for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair.

In addition to wood from planned forests and controlled logging, the company uses recycled wood, such as thousand-year-old kauri from New Zealand, Briccole from the Venetian Lagoon, and Lebanese Cedar. In 2005, the second production unit was put into operation, and in 2010 the construction of the Riva Center, a building based on the design plan of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, was completed. In the space on the ground floor there is a Showroom with an area of approximately 1,200 m2. On the first floor is the Wood Museum. In 2013, a third production unit specializing in the processing of cedar logs was opened. In 2017, the second floor of the Riva Center was opened. It houses the Pangea table, the symbol of Expo 2015 signed by Michele de Lucchi, and a xylotheque with trees from around the world.

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