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The sofas we offer are characterized by designs from designers that are known all over the world, in addition to the quality of the exterior and interior materials, down to the last detail. Our many years of experience with our suppliers allow us to offer seats with exceptional design, in various shapes, sizes, and seating options. They are modular systems, allowing us to assemble and design seating according to your space. Our seats have detachable covers, so it is not a problem to clean them or order a new cover in a different color. The interior materials consist of non-deformable polyurethane of various hardnesses, sterilized goose feathers, polyester fibers, and memory foam, which have all been tested for each seating model for many years to ensure the highest level of seating comfort.

The seats we offer are fabric / various categories of fabrics according to the degree of wear using the Martindale tests / and leather / various categories of natural leather, several types of dyeing and leather surface treatment, the standard leather thicknesses ranges from 1.3 mm to 4 mm based on the different categories /

Natural leather is impregnated with fat in a special way so that, although it is natural, it is long-lasting, remains well-maintained, and provides a pleasant feeling for the user. More about our leather manufacturer

We offer sofa beds, seating with storage space, arched seats, and asymmetrical seats.

There is a special category of seats created for young people and smaller spaces that allow for everyday, healthy sleep. To learn more about this, visit

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Arketipo, sofa Plat design by Manzoni e Tapinassi
Arketipo sofa Plat design by Manzoni e Tapinassi
Cierre imbotitti, sofa Aida design by Stefano Conficconi
Arketipo sofa Atlas design design by Mauro Lipparini
Cierre imbotitti, sofa Eva Due design by Gianmaria Conficconi
Arketipo sofa Crazy Diamond design by Giusppe Vigano
Arketipo sofa Atlas design by Mauro Lipparini, armchair Jupiter design by Mauro Lipparini
Arketipo sofa Windsor design by Mansoni e Tapinassi

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