Arketipo: Italian furniture with a family tradition

Tuscany, Florence, and its surroundings have attracted people for centuries. Various craftsmen as well as great masters of design and education met there. Morning coffee, ever-changing fashion trends, and innate Italian style are part of this interesting place the Cattelan family call home. The beautiful environment of the historic city and the personalities of this family combine to create a vision and help define this unique style of furniture that is now part of many Slovak homes.

Thanks to the Cattelan family, customers all over the world are able to enjoy years of research, development, selection, and above all, a real Italian temperament and passion. The company’s logo also reflects how the Arketipo brand is constantly returning to its roots, heritage, and culture, which it carries over from a traditional environment to the modern world.


Since the beginning, Arketipo’s mission has been clear: to turn ideas into unique and original things. Employees, craftsmen, and designers were constantly trying new things and often experimenting. Where the common man saw only wood, metal, or fabric, the professionals at Arketipo saw the craft and the desire to bring something new and extraordinary to satisfy the soul of the customer.


With this brand, we were also impressed by the long family tradition and the manual processing of some parts of the seats. The Italian quality of these seats is hidden in every detail and in all the materials used. Global designers such as: Mauro Lipparini, Giuseppe Viganó, Carlo Bimbi, Manzoni and Tapinassi, Adriano Piazzessi, Gordon Guillaumier, and many others are involved in the development of the brand. They design tables, desks, bookcases, chairs, accessories, sofas, and armchairs. Only the highest quality materials are used for every type of furniture, such as sucupira wood, natural leather, and marble.

Comfortable seating is ensured by non-deformable polyurethane of various hardnesses, sterilized goose feathers, polyester fibers, double wrapped cotton inside, and memory foam. These materials are combined in the individual seat models so that you are perfectly comfortable when sitting on them. Arketipo seats are also very easy to maintain. The covers are removable (you can also buy them separately) and so easy to clean that they are always like new.

Ekoma design is a long-term distributor of the Arketipo brand. We especially appreciate their work, with its emphasis on detail and timeless design. Italian furniture is close to us, and we are very happy to be able to provide it to you and introduce you to our favorite brands. Arketipo certainly belongs among them.

In the showroom at the New Living Center on Rožňavka Street, you will find both chairs – Jupiter and Freedom, and you can try them out for yourself.


design by Gordon Guillaumier

Take a closer look at the Italian Slow Food concept and apply it to a life of Slow Living. What you gain is another way to spend time in your everyday life to satisfy your soul, your ambitions, and what matters most, your family. Malta is another concept that takes advantage of the Italian way of life. Based on classic Anglo-Saxon designs, Malta incorporates the concept of slow living with comfort as a bonus; large comfortable pillows, soft lines, and calm colors that complete the texture and taste of each room. The classic legs in a retro style are designed in accordance with these shapes and complete the sofa, which meets the requirements for cleansing the soul as well as serving as a place to rest.


Structure: wood
Frame upholstery: non-deformable polyurethane 30GRF, 21NF, 25F covered with synthetic lining 150gr, which gives the frame softness.

Seat upholstery: a quilted 100% impermeable cotton cover filled with goose feathers and a D30 resin foam base or non-deformable polyurethane D30 HR3536 covered with Tecnoform Hjet 280 gr / mq.
Back upholstery: a quilted 100% dustproof cotton cover filled with mixed feathers.

Suspension: elastic belts.
Seat height: 45 cm
Backrest height: 54 cm
Feet: polished or mica brown stained aluminum, ht. 8 cm.
NOTE: Only in the case of using textile upholstery are the seat cushions, the back, and the backrests reversible.


design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Starman: Capture moments. Just say the word Starman, and you will be forgiven for first remembering the eclectic sound of David Bowie, a man who never stood still during his musical journey. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba never stand idly by for inspiration, they find it in the moment and capture the way we live. Starman is no exception. Starman is about a task, about elements that disrupt the natural order to create something new. The new is associated with nervousness, but it is necessary to seize it because something new can also mean a change in the current state. While Bowie rose to fame with the depictions of his music and by playing lyrically with words, Starman plays with aggressive and strong contours that are meant to bring life to a unique space. It offers low backrests, curved lines, a steeper descent, and the illusion of swimming in space.

It is a place where design is created against the norm in the search for character, all in contrast to its own unique balance. Starman asks us all to seek out and capture our own uniqueness without having to suppress anything.


Structure: wood.
Frame upholstery: high density expanded polyurethane (D40P + OS35S).
Seat upholstery: expanded polyurethane (D40P + OS37S + 35EM + fine foam) covered with synthetic lining 230gr.
Back upholstery: expanded polyurethane (21M + D50 fine foam) covered with a 380 g synthetic lining.

Seat height: 42 cm – 45 cm with 8 cm high legs.
Backrest height: 65 cm
Feet: plastic, ht. 5 cm.
8 cm high legs can be supplied on request at no extra charge.

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