design by Mauro Lipparini

When people are interested in stable elements, subtlety is rarely discussed. Nevertheless, Atlas is perhaps one of the great manifestations of shape and style. Atlas aims to address one of the biggest design issues in the furniture industry: How does one gain freedom without compromise? The answer lies in its design and the number of isometric shapes refined by the various elements that make up the main principle. However, Atlas brings more along with it. It brings together a number of different ideas that capture space and multiple iterations. The structure consists of a complex mix of thin, high, and low backrests, pillows, corner units, loungers, and accessories, all of which harmonize and create a cosmopolitan design structure that responds to the complex design concept of modern living.

Material: wood
Upholstery: expanded polyurethane of various densities (PF35FR + T40P + TL30 + NF21), covered with a 100% cotton lining, 380 g of filling, and a 6 mm synthetic lining.
Pillows: expanded polyurethane of various densities (T35 + 40MH6 + SOFT35S), covered with a cotton lining and polyester fibers.

Back: the outer cover is a 100% durable cotton and resin lining; stuffed with a mixture of feathers (70% goose feathers and 30% polyester fibers).

Suspension: elastic belts
Back support: metal construction with elastic bands, covered with a 6 mm synthetic lining.

Seat height: 41 cm
Backrest height: 53 cm (long) 47 cm (wide).
Legs: metal, black nickel or lacquered mica brown or gray, ht. 5 cm.
Decorative sewing: available in the zipper pattern colors.

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