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You spend a lot of time in the office sitting in an office chair. Choosing the right office chair can significantly affect your (not only work) life. A quality chair will allow you to sit comfortably and healthily. In addition to this, it has other benefits. Some of them may surprise you.

Did you know that sitting correctly increases productivity? You will not regret investing in a good ergonomic office chair. On the contrary – indulge yourself in sitting healthily, as it will ultimately affect your overall work performance. An office chair can reduce the number of breaks you have to take due to sitting uncomfortably.

And now imagine furnishing your entire office with ergonomic office chairs to support a more efficient team. Everyone will be better able to focus on working without being distracted by discomfort. The work results you achieve while sitting in a quality chair will really surprise you. Take a look at our office chairs, choose the right one for you, and come and try it out in our showroom. We will be happy to explain each of its functions.



4D multifunctional armrests, a backrest made of mesh, the possibility to add a neck rest, behind the back there is a coat hook, lumbar support, the height and depth of the seat are adjustable.


Leather upholstered armrests, an adjustable seating mechanism, spring seat, a chrome base with castors, or without castors in the case of the conference chairs.


Two versions – according to the height of the backrest – high and low, the higher version has an integrated headrest, a contrasting frame throughout the chair, leather armrests, easily adjustable depth and height of the seat, elegant wheel design, the chair rotation adapts to the person’s weight.


Two versions of the backrest (high and low), upholstery in German quality calfskin or premium / comfort fabric, the armrests are upholstered in the selected leather / fabric type, adjustable seating mechanism, chrome base with castors, or without castors in the case of the conference chairs.


The possibility of 3D / 4D multifunctional armrests, adjustable depth, length, width, rotatable by 30 degrees, backrest powder paint / polished aluminum, height-adjustable lumbar support, a “star” base – various models.


7 types of armrests available, adjustable height, width, depth, the choice of different types of “star” bases, the possibility to add a headrest, the possibility to add a hanger to the back of the backrest, a curved backrest, the choice of a hard / soft seat.


This model is all black, the backrest is height-adjustable, soft, 2D armrests, the height and depth are adjustable, it is weight adjustable up to 120 kg, adjustable seat height and depth, a black plastic star base, a choice of hard or soft wheels.


The possibility to add a neck rest, the height and width are adjustable, it is possible to add a hanger to the back of the backrest, the height of the backrest is adjustable, lumbar support, 5 types of armrests, an aluminum star base, powder paint, chrome, or plastic.


An upholstered backrest with a black plastic back, height-adjustable armrests, adjustable seat depth and height, weight-adjustable, a star base.

K+N balance chair

Thanks to its swiveling backrest, it can serve as a chair as well as standing support, the aluminum frame is available in several versions, an aluminum star-shaped base, two types of wheels, a gas spring in the piston – there is a floor brake function that uses the sitter’s weight.


The possibility to add a neck rest and a clothes hanger, ERGO – DISC function – to adapt to each bone in the spine, the armrests have adjustable height, depth and width, 4 armrest positions can be adjusted, lumbar support, weight adjustment up to 150 kg.


The possibility to add a height-adjustable headrest, lumbar support, the armrests relieve the shoulders and neck, adjustable height and depth, the armrest is rotatable, the seat has an adjustable depth, height and width, the star base comes in aluminum or plastic.


The swivel backrest is adapted to the shape of the spine, the height and depth of the lumbar support are adjustable, a headrest can be added – which is also height adjustable.


The height, depth, and width of the armrests are adjustable, an integrated handle on the back of the backrest, air-filled lumbar support, a sliding seat, a star base that comes in several variants.

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