Benefits - WHY CHOOSE US

Our goal is to provide clients with lasting value at an affordable price. The standard interior equipment of our kitchen units is the same regardless of the design of the surface material for the doors and cabinets. This interior equipment ensures the durability of the kitchen unit over time and long-term functionality for its users.


Hinges with 110 and 155 angles standard with damping – all hinges are standard with damping, made of nickel and coated with steel, have a fast practical suspension / suspension system. Thanks to this mechanism, which takes up minimal space, a gentle and quiet closing of doors is guaranteed. The width, depth, and height of the hinges are adjustable, and they are tested for a minimum of 200,000 openings / closings. Damping can also be deactivated by simply sliding the switch on the hinge.


The body of the kitchen cabinets is made of a laminate panel, 18 mm thick, class E1, front edged with ABS edges in 3 colors. The density of the chipboard used is 780 kg / m3


Legs for lower cabinets and high cabinets, made of ABS, height-adjustable, quickly adjustable without extra screws. Their triangular shape ensures high structural stability and allows for easy manual adjustment using a patented key.


The bases are made of plastic or aluminum and come in various colors. All skirting boards have a rubber profile to fit snugly to the floor.


All doors have a rubber profile on the inside that prevents banging.


All shelves are from laminate, 18 mm thick, and have a mechanism that prevents the shelf from tipping. All glass shelves are made of clear tempered glass, 6 mm thick, and have a handle system that prevents the shelf from tipping and allows the shelves to easily be removed and cleaned.


Connecting strip – 100 and 120 cm wide drawers – provides greater stability and is standard. ANTARO drawers – full extension, Blumotion, damping, the drawer slides have a load capacity of 30 kg of per pair and are tested for 100,000 openings / closings.


Standard fittings for hanging cabinets – they are height and depth adjustable, tested according to LGA standards. Standard fittings for upper cabinets – made of ABS, a load capacity of 130 kg per pair, tested according to the LGA load capacity standard, they are height and depth adjustable and have a metal nickel cover.


Sanitary space – on the back of the cabinets there is a sanitary space of 40 mm with the lower cabinets and high cabinets and 20 mm with the upper cabinets. The sink base cabinets are covered with an aluminum bottom as a standard, which is secured by insulation due to increased humidity, the storage of cleaning agents, and increased demands on cleaning. The high cabinets for built-in refrigerators have a standard ABS bottom, which allows you to deal with any water leaks from the refrigerator without damaging the cabinets. All lower cabinets have an aluminum connection bar as a standard, which strengthens the body and stability of the lower cabinets.